Oecumenica Label

The AGCK seeks to encourage promising ecumenical projects and spread the word about good ideas throughout the country.

The Oecumenica Label aims to raise the profile of ecumenical projects. It will demonstrate what can be achieved together and show that ecumenism is flourishing in Switzerland.

The Label also provides a means for the AGCK to raise awareness of the Charta Oecumenica.

The Label will be awarded for ecumenical projects organized by individuals, (church) communities, parishes or church organizations.

Ten Label criteria explain what types of projects are eligible. Any projects - local, regional, multi-regional, and national - which bring Christian denominations together, can be entered for consideration.

Awards are made after rigorous testing, and give the right to use the Oecumenica Label on printed materials, in publicity and on websites as a sure sign of the high standard of the ecumenical project.

Label awards are made at a special event. The first award was in summer 2009.

The AGCK has produces a leaflet on the Oecumenica Label available in German and in French.

Conditions (in French)

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